When you think …


When you think about it, 

Who is our generation talking to,


l’m not even sure if we’re talking to one another, 

Mind to mind, 

Heart to heart.

And what sort of monsters lurk behind

the virtual screens, 

we make of ourselves? 



1: The feeling of utter and complete freedom. Sitting back in a chair and observing the hum of men and women and machines as they go on revolving around the busy universe. A mixture of restlessness and ease that simultaneously enchants and repels you and everyone else who is aware of your situation. Days are marked and measured by the number of [insert diversion] and serious talks about your future conquered or ignored. Without any goals in mind, and no responsibilities whatsoever (except for the occasional laundry-folding and grocery-shopping)- one is simply wasting and waiting for the most poignant moments of their life.

For You,Mom

You’ve always told me,
That ‘Cleanliness is next to holiness’.
So as a child, I’ve always looked up after myself, 
Hoping I’d be nearer to God. 
I’ve realized now that 
Well-scrubbed floors and neat little piles of clothing, 
Never compare to the calm and stillness of the heart 
And Mind, 
Not necessarily brought out by a higher existence, 
But by the firm resolve of the human soul. 
I don’t want you to base judgments on people’s arrangements 
That may oftentimes be ostentatious, showy and unreal,
And (sorry,if my) faith may be as sloppy as 
The man living on the pavement, 
Most of all, so is

Dear Atom Araullo

Atom Araullo, News Reporter

I turned on the TV today and caught your program “e-Dukasyon” on ANC. It made me cry because I realized that while I am sitting here comfortably, hating myself and thinking that my plans of further studies are crushed, kids from Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School have to deal with their hopes of a better future and using their bare means to achieve their dreams. It hit me that maybe going to law school is not the only way to give a voice to those who people think are small and that I can use my gift and my joy of writing to share the stories of those who are underprivileged. Thank you for making my usually lonely and empty Easter Sunday more meaningful. I’d like to be able to do what you do and you always inspire me.

A fan of yours since I saw you as a cute kid in 5& UP,





Nobody Knows Me At All

In this coccoon,
Caught in a shadow,
Nobody knows me at all,
When I am passing by,
Yeah, people say hi,
But come to think about it,
Nobody knows me at all.
Family,friends, teachers, schoolmates,
People I have met through fate,
They don’t know me at all.
Happy that I am,
Not giving a fucking damn that…
Nobody knows me at all,
Nobody knows how I truly feel,
Though shared, everything is concealed,
Nobody knows me at all.