Another one of my on-a-whim poems

This is what happens when you mix loneliness with a can of nescafe mocha.

Home Alone

Home alone,
Aircon humming in a static drone,
Inside my purple bag I took,
My heavy book,
Opened its pages,
Hesitantly, with movements like day-old stages,
Read for a couple of minutes,
Till concept and reality fit,
But then my vision wavered like a lamp dimly lit,
So I sought the comfort of my speakers,
Untied the shoelaces of my sneakers,
Barefoot, walked to turn the volume up,
Closed the door and turned the lock.
Danced to the music like a dork,
With more zealousness then, went back to work,
Productivity loss,I had to atone,
What a fun night at home,


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