Poem Written While I Wasn’t Listening in Theo Class

I love Theo.

But seriously, I do.

There are just some things discussed in class which make me tune out a bit, and  reflect on my random experiences. So in between Scripture and faith, comes Danielle’s chicken scratch a.k.a. poetry. My inspiration: A guy smoking a cigar in front of Mini-stop (convenience store) in Katipunan and an old lady I rode the jeepney with.

“Men lead lives of quiet desperation”,
Says Henry David Thoreau.
I think about this as I pass through,
The man on the street with rags and acrid odor,
The man igniting a stick of cigarette on his hand in front of the convenience store,
Commuters who jostle and scramble for a ride,
An old woman, her body weary, wringing her soul to the ebb and flow of the tides,
Of life.
And as these faces blur, this crowd, these men,
I realize that I am one of them,
The spaces we fill become larger, we multiply, possible to fill a dome,
Indeed, we lead lives of quiet desperation, I realize, as I make my way back home.


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