Poem written after getting bored and tired holiday shopping with my mother

This is a sort of poem that I did last year,during Christmas break.Christmas shopping with my mom is a disaster!She keeps on trying out clothing without making up her mind. It’s not only irritating the salesladies but also irritating me (and I’m usually a very patient person). So during one of our sporadic shopping trips, I just sat down at the shoe department (which is the best section,because they have all these seats which primary purpose is for trying out shoes, but secondary purpose is a hangout for all the tired boyfriends,siblings,fathers and daughters like me), and wrote this poem as an inspiration to our lecture in Personality Psych about individual differences and trait theories. Forgive me if it looks amateur.I am an amateur writer.

I can’t write a taxonomy table,
For all our individual differences, you and I,
We may pick-up and observe the same rack of clothing,
Scrutinize it to its most finite detail,
But the construct of the flimsy pieces,
Of thread against thread, carefully bound by needles, enters our mind through different angles.
“The shoe fits all”,
A paradox, an impossibility.
Yes, it can still be literally written, but lacks depth and clarity,
The only thing that will probably tie us together, draw us closer,
But eventually keep us apart,
Is wood against wood, carefully bound by nails, this open closet,
We have been looking at from the start.


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